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Baron and Baroness Barber De Dreyer discover top class diving in the Gulf of Thailand.


Whilst on holiday with their father Baron Thomas Barber de Dreyer, Baron Georgii Barber de Dreyer (9) and Baroness Yeulalia Barber de Dreyer (10) wanted to discover the beauty the Gulf of Thailand has to offer.

Missing out by just under a year it was unfortunate that Baron Georgii was not able to complete his PADI Jr Open Water Diver with his sister Baroness Yeulalia. Still able to complete his PADI Bubble Maker, this was not going to discourage Georgii as he too watched the PADI DVD’s and completed knowledge reviews 1-3 including the quick quizzes. With Yeulalia going on to complete the last 2 knowledge reviews and quick quiz 4, she showed great maturity and understanding as she gained almost a perfect score on the final exam scoring a very impressive 98%.

After lunch we all went outside to the pool and with Georgii not wanting to be left out both started the swim test. Going through the equipment set-up and pre dive safety checks it was time to start the skill circuit. Going through the confined water dives with Yeulalia again impressed as she took most of the skills in her stride, as did Georgii after going through a few basic skills with his sister.

Yeulalia-and-georgii-pool on-the-speedboat open-water-with-yeulalia-and-georgii

After a few photo’s in the pool and Georgii showing on a regular basis how he could remove and replace his mask on a very regular basis it was time to exit the pool and strip down the equipment for the 2 days diving which followed.

Taking the speedboat “Popeye” to Mango bay we started to assemble the equipment. As Georgii could only go to a maximum depth of 2 meters he went snorkeling with one of the boat crew and Yeulalia and I started some of the dive flexible skills before going beneath the surface to see the magnificent marine life found at the beautiful dive site. Adjusting her buoyancy is wasn’t too long before Yeulalia started pointing out different fish and watching the Christmas Tree Worms disappear as she snapped her fingers…

georgii-on-the-line mango-bay yeulalia-at-mango-bay

After around 30 minutes we made our way back to the boat to get Georgii. As a safety precaution I tied a small buoy with a 2 meter line to Georgii’s tank so he could not exceed the maximum dive limit for a PADI Bubble Maker whilst also being able to move freely under water and enjoy the feeling of freedom that diving has the unique ability to offer. With huge eyes peering through his mask as he saw the large shoal of Fusiliers he had no trouble at all in showing his excitement. After lunch we visited our second site Aow Leuk. Unfortunately Georgii was unable to go on his second dive as the wind had changed direction and was blowing into the bay making the visibility quite poor and a moderate surge on the surface which I thought would not be suitable or safe for Georgii.

Yeulalia and I entered the water and made our way to the bottom where the visibility improved and the surge had little effect. Completing the skills and exploring this sometimes underrated dive site we saw some Shrimp Gobies and small Hermit Crabs, along with the magnificent variety of marine life found all around the beautiful coral bays of Koh Tao.

sweet-lips-koh-nang-yuang yeulalia-and-georgii anemone-fish

Day 2 we visited Mango Bay and Koh Nang Yuang for dives 3 & 4. Like the day before Yeulalia and I completed the skills required before going back to get Georgii so we could all dive together. Discovering more corals and fish the water was pristine with visibility exceeding 25 meters at both sites. After returning home again both could not hide the excitement as they proceeded to tell their father all about the new things they had discovered. We all sat round the table completing the certification paperwork and talking about the 2 days diving we had experienced.

Well done Yeulalia on completing your PADI Jr Open Water and I promise when you reach 10 Georgii I will teach you yours….


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