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Camel Shrimp










Samui Tides


Latin Name: Rhynchocinetes Durbanensis


The Camel Shrimp (Rhynchocinetes Durbanensis) also known by many other names which include the Dancing Shrimp, the Hump Back Shrimp, the Candy Shrimp and the Hinge Back Shrimp. The females of this species tend to have smaller claws than the males and dispite their very colourfull red and white bodies produce green eggs that they carry under their abdominal cavity when spawning. They feature a complex pattern of spots and bands along the back of its body that are fluorescent in colour and they also have prominent bands on their legs.They are more active at night and divers will often encounter them in their torch beam whilst looking in cracks and crevices of the reef. They grow to a maximum length of 6cm.


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