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Chumphon Pinnacle


Chumphon Pinnacle, Located 11Km North West of Koh Tao, is one of the premiere dive sites in the gulf. This dive site has a main granite pinnacle which starts around 14 meters beneath the surface. Covered in Magnificent Pink Anemones, Sea Whips and Sponge Corals this is an awesome sight as you descend down one of several buoy lines. As you make your way round this spectacular dive site valleys cut through the rock become visible taking the more experienced scuba diver to depths of around 30 meters.


There are several smaller pinnacles off the main dive site to navigate around, the largest of these being Barracuda Rock. Making your way across the sandy bottom scattered with sea urchins the main attraction of this dive site make themselves known. Swimming gracefully from the depths Bull Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks make an appearance. The instant adrenalin rush is quickly followed by a strange calm as these magnificent creatures circle and swim with little regard to the on looking scuba divers. The apprehension that some scuba divers have about swimming with sharks generally gets forgotten when they see just how graceful these powerful animals are, and how calm they swim around this dive site.


For divers not wanting to visit the sharks, there are plenty of other areas of interest on this dive site to explore. White Eyed Moray Eels, Scorpion Fish, and Banded Harlequin Shrimp can be found in the many crevices and cracks around the North East area of Chumphon. The abundance of marine life is incredible with large shoals of Yellow Striped Fusiliers, Spotted Snapper, Chevron Barracuda, and Bat Fish. Then there's "The Big One" the fish every scuba diver wants to see, the majestic Whale Shark. Not a very common site in the gulf, but they do seem to make an appearance when you least expect it, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation to each entry into the water.


The one thing all divers agree about after diving Chumphon Pinnacle, whatever their experience and wherever they have dived in the past, this dive site never fails to impress...

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