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Congratulations to Daniel and Claire

Passing your PADI Open Water Diver course

and on your Engagement...


After taking Dan and Claire on a PADI Discover Scuba Diver course last July they returned to Koh Samui after getting engaged in Phi Phi wanting to do their PADI Open Water Diver Course. The course was a very relaxed affair if not a little demanding the first day completing their classroom and pool work. Staying in one of the stunning houses in the picturesque Temple Gardens where we usually conduct our theory and pool work it is a very calming environment to watch the DVD's and complete the knowledge reviews and exam.

Having a competitive nature both scored high in the quick quizzes and exam and were now ready to tackle the skills in the pool. After setting up their equipment and discussing what skills we needed to complete we started the pool session. With the assistance of Lawson Ladd (Divemaster) a very good friend and a college of Dan's in the Formula 1 Brawn race team and it wasn't long before we had both Dan and Claire hovering mid water both showing off the new skills they had learnt.


Taking the Speed boat to Koh Tao Dan and Claire now headed to Mango Bay to discover the wonders that awaited them. After discussing what we were going to do on our dives Dan and Claire put on their equipment and completed their buddy check before entering the water. Completing some surface skills we made our descent following the gently sloping bottom. The visibility was excellent and marine life stunning. Shoals of Thick Lipped Mullet made their way feeding along the sandy bottom; Butterfly Fish almost paused in motion mid water and a Porcupine Puffer fish moving in the shadows of the coral trying to stay out of sight.

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Our last 2 dives to complete the PADI Open Water Course were next and by this time both Dan and Claire were feeling and looking very confident in the water. Showing great buoyancy skills, giving great respect to the under water life, we completed all the required skills and enjoyed the remaining tour sections of the dives. With an abundance of fish and coral, I was very proud to see both Dan and Claire looking like true divers.

After returning back on a flat sea to Koh Samui, we completed the paperwork and it was my great pleasure to issue both Dan and Claire with their PADI Open Water Certification and wish them the very best for their engagement and life ahead.


Congratulations Dan & Claire and see you both soon for your PADI Advanced Open Water


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