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Congratulations to Dani and Ceci

Passing your PADI Scuba Diver course


Having only 4 days on Koh Samui Dani and Ceci booked their PADI Scuba Diver course a few weeks prior to their arrival via the internet. Meeting them both at the Saree Samui Resort in Meanam we headed to our teaching facility in Temple Gardens. With the course being conducted in Spanish they began watching the PADI DVD. Completing their knowledge reviews and quick quizzes we started going through the equipment set up and the first of the 3 confined water dives in the pool.

With their limited English and my near non-existent Spanish we had great fun using a lot of demonstrational techniques for them to master the skills for the open water. Ensuring they understood exactly what they needed to understand and accomplish, they were both very comfortable in the water. Probably one of the longest pool sessions I had ever done for a Scuba Diver course they were both very happy with what they had learnt and were looking forward for the next day on the speedboat and the first of their 2 open water dives.

dani-and-ceci-at-sail-rock dani-ok dani-and-ceci

Taking them for 2 dives at Sail Rock we entered the water and started our descent down the buoy line. Unfortunately the visibility wasn’t brilliant due to some bad weather overnight giving us only 5 or 6 meters. Although not the 15 meters visibility we were expecting they still had a great first dive seeing many different fish including Big Eye Trevally, Snapper, and Giant Grouper. Showing good buoyancy skills and great care they could have easily been mistaken for qualified divers. With a light lunch during the surface interval we entered the water for the second time. Seeing even more than on the first dive we explored the many cracks and crevices that are around the dive site and found many different Nudibranch, Small Crabs and Banded Coral Cleaner Shrimp. With Sail Rock not having a flat sandy bottom to complete the skills we done the exercises on the buoy line. Showing great poise both completed all the skills required with relative ease. Every time I checked to see if they were okay all I could see were big eye’s looking at all the marine life, and huge smiles showing through their regulators.

long-finned-banner-fish nudibranch blue-spotted-sting-ray

Heading back on the speedboat to Koh Samui it was easy to tell that both really enjoyed their day. We then headed to The Hut, a small bar owned by a very good friend to complete the paperwork and fill in their log books.

dani-ceci-and-me smiles-at-the-hut

Congratulations Daniel and Cecilia on passing your PADI Scuba Diver. I had a great time with you both.

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