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Dave "The Hut" Martin

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Dave-and -nigel

Long term resident and friend Dave "The Hut" Martin recently took part in our PADI Discover Scuba Diving course and took his first breaths underwater. Along with another of our friends Nigel Brown, Dave Martin took the short trip by Speed boat to Koh Tao.

We arrived at Mango Bay, A beautiful coral bay at the north of Koh Tao. After briefing Dave and Nigel on the dive we entered the water from the beach, and got into our equipment. Once Dave and Nigel had finished stumbling with their fins we were ready to go, kneeling in the shallows Dave, if some what reluctantly mastered the regulator and mask skills with relative ease. Adjusting their buoyancy we started diving, following the stunning reef with colourful Christmas Tree Worms and Goat Fish burrowing in the sand. The look on Daves face said everything. Wide eyes and smiling through his regulator Dave had achieved something he thought he would never had been able to...


After surfacing from the dive Both Dave and Nigel could not hide their excitement quickly telling each other what they saw, Titan Trigger Fish and the large shoal of Fusiliers being the 2 main points of the dive.


After a great lunch and more talk of the dive it was time to head off to Twins, a dive site on the south east side of Koh Nang Yuang. After another dive brief and this time a giant stride entrance into the water we made our descent. Following the buoy line down to the 1st pinnacle we were greeted by a White Eyed moray Eel swimming across the sandy bottom. Stopping only it seemed to have a photo taken before it took off in amongst the corals and was gone. Showing Dave and Nigel the Steiners Shrimp Gobie and the symbiotic relationship with its blind companion. moray-eel-twns They watched in amazement as the shrimp pushed out sand and shells while digging the burrow all the time being protected by the Gobie. Like a flash both shot back into the protection of the burrow as we got a little closer. Then to one of the highlights of Twins, staying a good distance away we observed the Clarke's Anemone Fish as they cleaned and protected their home.

After exiting the water after the second dive both Dave and Nigel instantly started discussing the dive and what they had seen, asking questions about the fish and coral as the equipment was packed away and the journey back to Koh Samui began.


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