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Domien De Clercq

PADI Open Water Diver............Good Work!!


After meeting Domien at the Samui Bungy Club we talked through the options of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving and Scuba Diver courses before Domien decided to opt for the PADI Open Water Diver course. Over the next 3 days Domien, having never tried scuba diving before made the course one of the easiest I had ever taught.

Having taken the Open Water manual home for a couple of days before, we made a great start to the theory section of the course. Sitting around the crystal clear pool in the tranquil surroundings of Temple Gardens, the knowledge reviews seem to take no time at all. After each module Domien breezed through the quick quizzes and then final exam missing only 4 answers in all. After a traditional Thai lunch we discussed the details of the pool session to come and the kit we would be using. After completing the swim test it was time for Domien to kit up and experience his first breaths underwater. Again taking everything in his stride Domien took each exercise with ease and before we knew it, we were packing the equipment away for the following day.

okay-dom mask-clearing Hover

The first Open Water dive was at Mango Bay. This stunningly picturesque bay was calm and conditions near perfect to start the surface skills and introduce Domien to the under water world that waited for him. Swimming though a large shoal of Yellow Tail Fusiliers Domien grinned through his regulator. We then watched the silver flash of Mullet feeding, filtering the sand through their gills. Visiting Hin Wong Bay for our second dive we entered the water. The visibility was quite poor at only 5 meters but this didnít seem to bother Domien as he glided through the skills.

domien-and-lek mango-bay fusiliers-mango-bay

The final day on the boat we headed off once more to Koh Tao. Dropping off outside Mango Bay we started our free descent to 14meters and began our dive which would take around 50 minutes into the bay. With stunning rock formations, coral and colourful reef fish the time flew passed and after completing the skills we ended the dive. After a great lunch we headed off to our final dive site, Aow Leuk, at the southern point of Koh Tao. Exploring overhangs and crevices in the rocks it was easy to see that Domien loved every minute.

aow-leuk-okay diver-domien

After arriving back on Koh Samui we headed off to The Hut, a small local bar where we completed the paperwork and had a few drinks to celebrate Domiens achievement.

Congratulations and well done on a great course...

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