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Guy-on Bluefin

After completing a Try dive in the pool at “The Passage Resort” in Nathon, Guy Hanson quickly asked about going into the Open Water and take part in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. We discussed the details of the 1 day course and then made arrangements to go the following day to Koh Tao. Picking guy up at 07:00 that morning we made our way to Bluefin the Speedboats we use for our dive charters.


After getting into our scuba equipment I went through some of the details again and then it was time for Guy to experience Scuba Diving in the open water for the first time. After spending a little time in the pool guy was already comfortable with the equipment he was using and took no time in taking in all the sights underwater. Less than 5 minutes into the dive we were greeted by some Yellow Tail Barracuda.yellow-tail-barracuda Swimming less than a meter away they took no notice as they passed and faded into the distance, I could see the grin on guy’s face through his regulator as he watched. We continued to explore this wonderful little bay and the colourful corals and marine life it has to offer. We then saw a massive shoal of Fusiliers, thousands of them from about 5 meters deep to near the surface. Again Guy’s eyes widened as we entered the middle of the shoal surrounding ourselves with the fish.


After around 40 minutes we were making our ascent after a great dive. We made our way to the beach and Guy loved every minute. I have not heard someone as enthusiastic as Guy in a long time as his was telling me what he saw and the experience he had.


After a Thai lunch on the beach we headed off to our second site Twin rocks. Another great Dive Site with colourful corals and a vast abundance of marine life. This time guy entered the water with a giant stride entry. We made our way to the buoy line and made our descent. Again, another great dive. Guy looked like he had been diving for a long time, his buoyancy looked good and he was very comfortable in the water. Looking under corals and outcrops we were lucky enough to find a Blue Spotted Sting Ray just resting on the bottom. As we got closer it spotted us, turned and glided away, its wings rippling as it swam. We then went to visit the Clarkes Anemone Fish, their Anemone still a pale blue after some bad bleaching in April and May.


After around 4o minutes Guy indicated that he had around 60bar left in his tank. We made our way back to the boat and made our ascent. Once on the boat we discussed the different things we had seen during the dive and how Guy was now hooked. I’m sure it’s not going to be long before Guy will be donning Scuba Gear again.

It’s a great feeling as a Diving instructor when you get people that excited about the thing you love to do and to know it will be something they will always remember.


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