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Lined Butterfly Fish










Samui Tides


Latin Name: Chaetodon Lineolatus


Reaching a maximum length of around 30cm this conspicuous group of reef fish has distinctive colour patterns. Many species have false eyespots near the tail or below the dorsal fin with a stripped or solid black bar across their real eye, presumably confuse predators. Along with stripes across the body, bright yellow is the colour that features more frequently in this family. Colour patterns aside, they are easy to recognize by their physical appearance; a compressed flat disc shape, a continuous often heavily scaled dorsal fin, and in some cases a prominent elongated snout, like that of the Longnose Butterfly fish (Forciper Longirostris). There are 120 species and 10 genera to this family, also called Coral Fish and Banner Fish and are mostly found in depths of less than 20 meters.


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