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Longfin Batfish










Samui Tides


Latin Name: Platax Teira

Longfin Batfish

A graceful fish, Batfish or Spadefish are easy to recognize with their flattened appearance, circular body and elongated symmetrical dorsal and anal fins. Already of distinctive appearance, some species even have elongated pelvic fins. The Batfish family consists of about 17 species in 5 genera and reaches a maximum size of around 65cm

The transformation from juveniles to adult is dramatic. Adults are shades of brown, black and silver with thick yellow stripes or vertical bands across the eye, body, and posterior part of the body. Juveniles however are darker in colour and often have a thin orange or red colour bordering their fins. Juveniles also have exaggerated long dorsal and anal fins that decrease in length as they approach adulthood.


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