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Sail rock


Undoubtedly the most famous dive site in the Koh Samui archipelago, this magnificent granite pinnacle rises from the ocean floor to tower 15 meters above sea level. With outer pinnacles adorning the main rock and depths of up to 40 meters, this really is an outstanding dive site.

A must for divers visiting this spectacular dive site is "The Chimney". A vertical swim through with easily enough room for 2 divers ascending inside, the entrance starts at 17 meters. A vertical window presents itself at 12 meters giving you the opportunity to look out into the blue to see the large shoals of Barracuda and Bat Fish in the distance. In a small ledge inside the chimney you are likely to find small cleaner shrimp and the Japanese Blue Striped Pipe Fish one of the smallest species known. The exit can be found at 6 meters, the Skunk Clown Fish, dart about their anemone, protecting their home, watching as you exit and make your way round to the mooring line to begin your safety stop.


Another outstanding feature of this dive site is the "Secret Pinnacle" (not so secret now!!) Which offers a second smaller dive site of its own. With a maximum depth of 34 meters at the back of the pinnacle the most impressive sight you will see at this dive site is found at about 14 meters. A massive shoal of Big Eye Trevally more than 2000 strong circles the top of the rock and if divers are careful enough it is possible to be taken in by the shoal and get completely encompassed giving an experience more likely to be found on a National Geographic documentary.


The marine life found at this spectacular dive site seems endless, and the possibility of sighting a Whale Shark is ever present. To say this dive site is unpredictable is an understatement, having had the honor to dive this site over the last 10 years I can honestly say this is one dive site that never fails to deliver a new experience.

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