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Bearded Scorpion fish










Samui Tides


Latin Name: Scorpaenopsis Cirrhosa


Scorpion Fish get their name from their venomous spines. In some species they are more conspicuous than others, like the highly maneuverable spines of the lion fish (Dendrochirus). They have relatively large heads and large pectoral fins which are more like wings or fans.

Colour patterns vary from the bright reds, oranges, strips and ornate plumage of the Lion Fish, to the well camouflaged drab mottled hues of browns and greens of the stonefish (Syanceia sp.). Some species like this Bearded Scorpion fish have additional leafy tassels, warts and bumps on their body coverings, and would certainly win no beauty contest. They are artist of disguise. By growing additional appendages or producing mucous to stick on bits of algae to their body and lying semi-buried in silt they are camouflaged from their predators and prey. The scorpion fish family comprises of approximately 350 species and 70 genera and are found mostly in indo-pacific waters.


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