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With the opportunity to dive some of the best sites in Thailand we conduct all of our dive tours and courses on speedboats to ensure no time is wasted on your holiday. We have full safety equipment on board, first aid, and emergency oxygen. Your safety is our priority which is why CSI: SAMUI has a 100% safety record. All of our equipment is new and extremely well maintained. With manufacturers such as Mares, Aqualung, and Scubapro we demand the best, as do our divers. The tanks we use are fully maintained before the due date and are filled at Koh Samui's leading air supplier to ensure perfect air every time.

Whether for only one day or a full yearly cover feel secure in the knowledge that with our Dive Master Insurance plans covered by Lloyds of London you are fully covered in the unlikely event of something going wrong.


International Diving Emergency Card:

Known as the IDEC, this is sport injury insurance with worldwide coverage. It provides funds for the insured person for accidents and injuries resulting from sport diving. IDEC can also provide cover for the insured person on their return home, and provides cover for UK diving as well. The insurance includes 24 hour multi-lingual assistance provided by MEDEX Assistance Corporation, which staffs its phone lines with assistance co-coordinators who liaise with specialist diving doctors to ensure the patient receives the correct treatment for their diving injury. Cover also includes emergency evacuation from remote areas, repatriation using the best means possible and many more benefits besides. All divers should carry IDEC cover if they dive in the UK and/or dive abroad. It is available for short trips and annual cover. It is not a standard travel insurance policy, but it is taken out as a bolt on package.

IDEC International Diving Emergency Cover A Personal Accident Plan for Divers Covers you diving anywhere

Immediate Emergency Medical Expenses 100,000

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Costs 100,000

Air Evac, Medical Repatriation 75,000

Search and Rescue 50,000

Additional Transport and Accommodation

After the Event Medical Expenses 50,000 which covers:

Depth limits

* Medical costs after return home * Approved alternative therapies * PFO Test costs * PFO Closures if Medically Necessary * Access to Diving Doctors * Post Accident Dive Fitness Examinations * Depth limit for diving on Air 50metres * Unsupported Technical Dives 80metres * SupportedTechnical Dives 130metres

Sport diver liability

Sport Diver Liability Insurance provides 2 million Public Liability cover for recreational divers of any certifying association, on an annual worldwide basis. This policy covers: * Recreational Snorkelling * Free Diving * Sports Diving * Underwater Scientific projects * Underwater Film & Media projects as an unpaid volunteer.

If you require any further information on this or any other services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us.


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