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Located on the west side of Koh Tao next to the private islands of Koh Nang Yuan, Twins, as the name suggests, consists of two main rock formations, with depths ranging from 6 to 18 meters. Running from East to West this is an easy dive site to navigate, and is full of overhanging rocks and crevices to explore.

As you travel from the shallower end of the dive site to the larger pinnacle, Clarks Anemone Fish (Clown Fish) can be found playing up to the divers cameras and fanning their eggs during the spawning season. A swim through can be found on the larger rock, with Cleaner Shrimp and Blue Spotted Sting Rays hiding under a large overhanging ledge just at the entrance. Be wary of where you put your hands here, as Bearded Scorpion Fish are well camouflaged against the many small rocks lying in the sand.


This is an excellent dive site for student divers and experienced divers alike. You can often see students completing their dive skills in the sandy shallows. Twins is one of the more interesting dive sites around Koh Tao, and is suitable for any level of diver. With an assortment of colourful marine life such as Christmas Tree Worms, and Marbled Sea Cucumbers, Porcupine Puffer and Masked Puffer Fish also make an appearance on this site.


Some of the best symbiotic relationships in Koh Tao can be found at Twins. Numerous Pink Anemone Fish can be found constantly cleaning and protecting their anemones and look close enough in the sand and you'll find the Shrimp Gobies. Acting as lookout while their blind companions continue the tireless work of burrowing and building a safe hideaway, it's easy to get hypnotised by this fascinating partnership.

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