clown-fish Paul Cook PADI MSDT # 634380 "AKA"

White Eyed Moray Eel










Samui Tides


Latin Name: Siderea Thyrsoidea


Since being sensationalized in the movie “The Deep”, moray eels have an ill reputation. Their status as ferocious killers that stalk and attack divers is total fiction. Nothing could be further from the truth. The facts are moray eels are shy and retiring animals that lead a secret life beneath the chambers of the sea. Moray eels are distinctive and easily identifiable by their disposition, colour, patterns and body sizes. Among fish however they are “odd balls”. Looking like a snake with its elongated muscularly compressed body, the eel is actually a fish with one long ribbon dorsal fin, which often melts into the anal fins and tail, and has no pectoral fin. The vertical slit gills of other fish are replaced with a couple of holes on each side of their body situated several inches behind their small head. With two protruding tubular nostrils moray eels have an advance sensory sense of smell. They are also equipped with two fang-like canine teeth and their scale less body is covered with mucus.


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